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RobotGame is a memory match game that I took on from a How To Unity3D book.
In my pursuit of finding a really good learning utility of Unity, this book had some fantastic hands on projects.
The author leaves the reader with enough material for a functioning game, but encourages him or her to continue the project to some extent. This was my attempt to better the game.
I added more cards to the game to make it a little more tense. I also added a leaderboard for players who complete the game in a timely manner.
The leaderboard may not seem like much, but it was a pretty big endeavor for me as it was my first attempt at integrating MySQL with a program that gets locally executed on a user's machine.
At the end of the game, Unity passes the score and the user's name into a PHP script I host which logs the score. There is a second PHP script that takes the highest scores and passes it back to the game.
The final part was integrating the scoreboard with the web page. The web page used to have the leaderboards embedded but I've seen migrated hosts and have not had time to attempt to set it all back up due to original project endeavors.